Breathe Life into your Memories with Customized Photo Books

Earlier, we used to treasure our memories in photo albums. Clicked photographs were set in album in provided places behind a plastic sheet. Time has changed and with changing time people have started using advance applications. Photo book is what we’re talking about here. When initially, photo book was launched then, digital photos were printed and inserted in albums. Now, companies are allowing personalized form of photo books where digital photographs are printed on papers and cased.

These days, preparing a photo book is simple. You can download all your photographs and go to any online site to paste it on the pages of any photo book. This helps you in customizing your photo book. Many online sites provide high, quality fotoraamatud in different designs, patterns and styles.

Here are few types of sizes available –

  • Square albums are meant for photographs that are small and precise and the object targeted in the photo is centralized. This means this can be perfect for baby book, pet book, family holidays etc.
  • Rectangle albums are meant for group photographs where there are many people in the photographs or you need to paste a scenic beauty, sunset or sunrise. Best, they are chosen for wedding albums, graduation day, prom night etc.

Also, there are styles of handcrafted products that make a photo book attractive –

  • Linen material that is made from plant fibre has long length fibre on pages. The fabric gives fine look to the cover page.
  • Sleeve wrap is made from wide paper which is laminated and has a gloss finish. You can add any photograph in front, back and side because it is removable.
  • Image wrap has matte cover where photos are straight away printed on the frontage, back and side of the wraps. The material used in wrap is very durable.
  • Bonded leather is durable and strong. As the material suggests, leather always gives a royal look and matte finish.
  • Bonded leather including window cover frame where you can paste your photograph in the middle of the window.

You can get your photographs stored as a memory in the form of photo book which stays for years. Normal photographs lose colour or glossy finish but, digitalized photos remain printed on paper for years. Abiprint is a famous company situated in Tallin and has numerous options to print photo books with photographs of your choice. They can also customize your photographs and deliver it on weekdays all across EU countries and Estonia.

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